Mea Culpa

knb, kagakuro | like a boy of summer gives (his first kiss)


Their first summer spent together, they are together.

But not together.

Not the way Tetsuya longs to be.

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you know you’ve fallen past the point of no return when you start drawing mini doujins…

oooh boy.

in which rin and nitori kick momo out of his room so they can get bizzay.


when i bought pokemon X i picked fennekin and squirtle okay

right now we focus on my squirtle, Kazoo, who had a bold personality or something like that

so ofc because he was proud he sparkled

when Kazoo became a Blastoise I was battling him with my friend and she was like “haha holy shit how did you get a shiny blastoise”

i cried for twenty minutes straight

i thought he was sparkly because he had self confidence


why can’t people dislike a ship just because??? like why does there always need to be some deep philosophical feminist moralistic progressive reasoning behind it? i am allowed to hate a fictional relationship just because i think it’s stupid and it irritates me ok?

Erwin Smith and Hanji Zoe Official Art

Do you think we can broadcast this?!


P4Week Day 3- Favorite NPC Social Link
If you don’t think Ayane is the cutest social link, I got news for you son


P4Week Day 3- Favorite NPC Social Link

If you don’t think Ayane is the cutest social link, I got news for you son





why  :c

This is perfection.





it feels exactly how it looks too lol

[Fic] Boy, you’ve got my heartbeat runnin’ away (kagakuro)


Fluff. Unadulterated KagaKuro fluff. With title borrowed from Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass,” which I listened to on repeat while writing this. 


Kagami’s not sure how it still happens after all these years, how he can walk into a room with nothing more on his mind than dinner and then wham—there’s Kuroko, (the little shit, doing this to him), doing something totally uninteresting like reaching for the rice bowls with his shirt riding up just enough to show the patch of skin that Kagami likes to kiss in the morning— and bam Kagami can’t think of anything else but Tetsuya. And even though half of those Generation jerks would agree that a smiling Kuroko should come with a warning label, Kagami’s pretty sure it’s kind of lame to be so far gone that all it takes to wreck his composure is rounding the corner and slamming into the tiny curve of Kuroko’s happiness as he bends down to bid one of his little students goodbye.

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